Schedule of Fines

Fine Schedule Effective January 1, 2016

Fine schedule includes court cost.

Speeding Fines

Speeding Total Amount Due
1 - 10 Over Limit $170.00
11 - 20 $195.00
21 - 24 $230.00
25+ Over Limit $304.00

Speeding in a School Zone Total Amount Due
1 - 10 Over limit $220.00
11 - 20 $255.00
21 - 24 $290.00
25+ Over limit $329.00

Other Fines

Offense Total Amount Due
Changed lane when unsafe $230.00
Criminal trespass within 100 ft. of freshwater $421.00
Driving while license invalid $222.00
Drove wrong way on a one way street $230.00
Expired drivers license $122.00
Expired motor vehicle registration $100.00
Fail to display drivers license $160.00
Fail to report change of address on drivers license $171.00
Failed to drive in a single lane $180.00
Failed to signal turn $180.00
Failed to yield right of way $180.00
Following too closely $230.00
Fail to maintain financial responsibility (FTMFR) $283.00
Littering $189.00
No drivers license $172.00
No motorcycle endorsement $271.00
No seatbelt - driver $154.00
No seatbelt - passenger 15 years old and over $154.00
Open container $421.90
Operate motor vehicle without license plates or with one license plate $151.00
Parked double $78.00
Parked in fire lane $100.00
Parked in handicap 1st offense $517.00
Parked in prohibited area $110.00
Parked on yellow curb $78.00
Parked over time $55.00
Parked within 15 ft. of fire hydrant $250.00
Parked within 50 ft. of railroad crossing $135.00
Parked 18 inches from curb or parked facing traffic $103.00
Passing authorized emergency vehicle $304.00
Possession of drug paraphernalia $571.00
Ran red light $180.00
Ran stop sign $180.00
Restricted use of Cell Phone in School Zone $279.10
Unauthorized glass coating (window tint) $172.00
Unrestrained child under 8 years $129.10
Unrestrained child 8 years old - 17 years old $204.90
Unsafe speed $255.00
VCO- Alcoholic beverage in City Park $171.00
VCO- Animal / no city license $101.00
VCO- Animal / no rabies vaccine $131.00
VCO- Animal / unrestrained $111.00
VCO- Operation a wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle $221.00
VCO- Parked on grass $45.00
VCO- Parked over lines $35.00
VCO- Parking by permit only $62.00
VCO- Possession of glass on river $202.00
VCO- Possession of styrofoam on river $202.00
Violate drivers license restriction $197.00

For ALL other violations, contact the court by phone, 830-221-4180

  • Anyone under the age of 21 who is charged with an alcohol violation must personally appear in court, a notice will be mailed with a court date.
  • Anyone under age 17 must personally appear in court with a parent or guardian, a notice will be mailed with a court date .
  • Please allow 5 days after receiving your citation as this allows the Court time to process the citation and make it available for payment on-line or for you to appear at the Court.
  • You may pay on-line or call 830-221-4180.
  • A payment via Internet will be processed as a plea of no contest and will result in the court finding you guilty of the offense as charged on your citation and a final conviction in your case. If applicable, such convictions will be reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety or to the state from which your driver’s license has been issued for inclusion on your driving record.