Reverse Angle Parking Pilot

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New Braunfels City Council has approved a pilot program for Reverse Angle Parking in Landa Park in an effort to improve the safety of motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.  A section of parking spots on Playground Drive between Landa Park Drive and Monument Drive have been dedicated to the pilot program, which will be in place throughout this summer and then be evaluated at the end of August.

The reverse angle parking pilot program is designed to offer park visitors, and in particular playground visitors, a safer experience by providing a parking method that helps prevent children from entering the street and makes it easier for drivers to park and load/unload their belongings.  When parked at a reverse angle, the doors and trunk of a vehicle open up to the interior of the park, which means park-goers would no longer have to stand in the street to load or unload items from their vehicle.  Reverse angle parking also provides better visibility for drivers when leaving the parking space because it keeps the driver from having to back up into the street where there may be other vehicles or pedestrians.

There is no change to the total number of parking spots in Landa Park due to this pilot program, and van accessible parking is actually improved.  Paving work in this area was recently completed and now, following City Council’s approval, city staff will begin implementing the pilot program, which includes highly visible signs and pavement markings to help guide drivers on the proper way to park in this area.  Throughout the pilot program, city staff will monitor this area to evaluate its effectiveness, and the public will be asked for its feedback.  That data will then be presented to the Traffic and Transportation Advisory Board, who will make a recommendation to City Council on whether to move forward with a larger reverse angle parking program. For more information please contact our Public Works Department.

Parking Pilot Map

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