Subdivision Platting Process

  1. November Planning Commission Meeting Notice

    To implement new state law, the City is updating subdivision applications. Please do not use the old forms; new forms with integrated checklists will be online early the week of September 23, 2019 at the latest. Thank you. Read On...
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Plat submittals must be complete and delivered to the Planning Division by 4:00 pm on the deadline date. Incomplete submittals will delay the approval process.

Submittals should include a complete application with waiver dates filled in, 15 copies of the plat, and a TIA worksheet. If a full TIA is required, it must be included with the application. See Chapter 118 (Platting Ordinance) for all requirements.


Plats are routed to the various reviewing agencies. Comments are compiled and sent to the engineer / surveyor of record. Please contact individual reviewers if there are questions.

The City of New Braunfels requires subdivision applicants (residential and multifamily only) to dedicate land for parks, or to pay a fee that the City can then use to acquire land or develop park facilities. This is known as the Parkland Dedication Ordinance, which was created in 2006 and revised in 2018. For more information on Park Land Dedication Requirements, click here to download the Manual, and here for the Worksheet.

Contact the Parks Department at (830) 221-4358 to discuss parkland dedication requirements (residential and multifamily only).

If fronting TxDOT right-of-way, it is recommended to review plans with TxDOT prior to submission.

All issues are to be addressed and corrections made by the Plat Resubmittal meeting. Call the Planning Division (830) 221-4050 to schedule a resubmittal appointment. Please bring six copies of your response letter, indicating how each comment was addressed, and 15 copies of the revised plat. Indicate if any other changes were made to the plat. Plats with incomplete corrections are subject to denial.

Other Requirements

Prior to recordation, a digital version of the plat (.dwg), current tax certificates, and a check to the appropriate county for recording fees are required.

Application, resubmittal, and Planning Commission meeting dates are found on a calendar attached to the application.