Right-of-Way / TxDOT Review

  1. November Planning Commission Meeting Notice

    To implement new state law, the City is updating subdivision applications. Please do not use the old forms; new forms with integrated checklists will be online early the week of September 23, 2019 at the latest. Thank you. Read On...
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Right of Way
Properties being subdivided in the city or extraterritorial jurisdiction may be required to provide dedication of right-of-way for future road expansion or construction. The right-of-way width required is determined by the type of road planned for the area and may either be a city, county, or TxDOT (state) road. Especially for large projects, please discuss the concept plan with the Planning Department prior to submittal to determine whether a dedication will be required.

For future TxDOT roads, please also contact the New Braunfels TxDOT office at (830) 609-0707 for right-of-way widths. An approved city thoroughfare plan, including TxDOT roads for Comal and Guadalupe Counties, is available online.

TxDOT Review
Proposed plats which front TxDOT right-of-way (IH 35, SH 46, Business 35, FM 1101, FM 306, Loop 337, etc.) will also be reviewed by TxDOT. It is recommended to discuss the plat with TxDOT before submitting to the city. TxDOT will review for items such as number of driveway access points, drainage, and provide standard required notes. It is highly recommended to submit the TxDOT permit with the subdivision master plan or plat application to allow for proper platting and minimize the need for revisions.