The City of New Braunfels is committed to Transparency. 

A Transparent Government provides citizens with access to resources that provide clarity and promote accountability.

Traditional Finances  

Total Revenues and Expenditures Graph
Per Capita Revenues and Expenditures

Financial Documents 

Budget Documents - The City Manager submits an Annual Budget and Plan of Municipal Services which strategically illustrates the collection and allocation of financial resources. 

Check Registers - A Check register is a listing of all payments incurred by the City. Monthly Check Registers are available here.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report - A collaborative report prepared by the Finance Department and independent auditors. Provides detailed information regarding the City's financial condition. 

Monthly Financial Reports - Each month, finance staff prepares a monthly financial report to the City Council. Those are available here.

Five Year Financial Forecasts - Each year, the finance team and City Manager's Office prepare a five year financial forecast. This document serves as a strategic budgeting and policy development tool for the Executive Leadership Team and City Council. To view these documents, click here

Property Tax Information 

Property Tax Revenue Totals
Property Tax Per Capita
Property Tax Rate

Sales Tax Information

Sales Tax Revenue
Sales Tax Per Capita

Total FTEFY 2017-18 reflects the addition of all new positions to operate the new Das Rec Community Recreation Center

Other Information 
City Council Contact Information 
Directory of City Departments/Divisions
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