Attorneys Only

Instructions for Attorneys:
1. Fax or mail to the court a letter of representation. Please provide your mailing address, e-mail and phone information in your request
2. For plea bargain requests, you MUST fax REQUESTS to the court at 830-608-2148
3. After faxing your request to the court, you may contact the Prosecutor, by e-mail at
4. After a plea bargain agreement has been reached, the court will either mail or e-mail the paperwork to you. Please indicate which method of delivery that you prefer
5. If your client accepts the plea bargain offer, you must file the paperwork along with payment of the fines or fees and costs with the court within 60 days from the date the paperwork was mailed or e-mailed to you, in order for the plea bargain to be granted
6. The court will NOT accept payment before an offer is made or before paperwork is received
7. If No response is received within 60 days, warrants will be issued for your client's arrest and no other offers will be made

If your client is in warrant status:
1. If your client has warrants of arrest issued by the New Braunfels Municipal Court, please submit a bond in the amount of the fine and costs for each case in warrant
2. The court cannot process any requests for plea bargains until a bond is filed with the court

Motions to withdraw:
1. Fax or mail in your motion to withdraw
2. The court will mail or e-mail you a date for a hearing, in which you and your client must appear