Meeting & Study Rooms

Study Rooms

  • Two private study rooms are available for no more than 5 persons per room.
  • Study rooms will be made available for use only during the hours the library is open to the public and must be vacated at least 10 minutes before closing.
  • For-profit individuals or businesses will not be granted use of the study rooms.
  • Rooms may be reserved for two hours per session no earlier than four weeks ahead of the date of use.
  • Students taking proctored exams may be allowed additional time if arrangements are made in advance.
  • A typewriter may be reserved for use in either study room.
To book a Study Room, call 830-221-4300.

Meeting Rooms

As a public institution dedicated to the free expression of and free access to ideas presenting all points of view about the problems and issues of our times, the New Braunfels Public Library meeting room will be available on as widespread and equitable a basis as possible for non-profit groups for the purpose of educational, cultural, governmental, and informational community meetings, programs, and lawful activities.

Booking A Meeting Room FAQs

Can I book a room at the last minute?
Technically yes, however, we do book rooms on a “first-come, first-served basis” so it may not be available. We do ask that you try to book your event at least 30 days in advance. Please note the meeting rooms are only available to non-library programs after 6pm Monday-Friday or during anytime during our hours of operation on Saturday and Sunday.

What’s the earliest in advance I can reserve a room?
You can book a room up to 60 days (2 months) in advance.

How often can I book a room?
You are limited to booking one room, once a month per person/organization. This gives other patrons the opportunity to utilize these spaces.

Who do I contact about booking a meeting room?
Miranda Robbins, Digital Services Librarian: or 830-221-4320.

Can I sell items or promote my business/services?
No, the library only accepts reservations for non-profit organizations and individuals. These rooms are not to be used to social/commercial purposes, fund-raising, sale of items/services, or for-profit individuals/businesses. All events must be non-profit.  

Can I bring food, beverages, or snacks?
You can bring a small amount of snacks and beverages. The large Meeting Room has a small fridge, a counter, and a small sink and the small Conference Room has a counter and small sink. In the event you do bring minimal food, you are responsible for cleanup.
If your needs require more space, check out our Westside Community Center options here.

How large are the rooms?
Conference Room: 12 comfortably; maximum of 14
Meeting Room: 50 comfortably with table and chairs; 80 with chairs only; 120 standing room only

Can I host a private event in one of these rooms?
No, all events must be open to the public and at no cost.

Are there specific rules I need to follow while using one of these rooms?
Yes, along with our regular library usage policies, we ask that you follow our Guidelines for Use of Library Meeting Rooms as seen above.