Digital Plats

Digital Plats
A digital copy of the plat must be submitted with the mylars before recordation. Digital master plans are also required.

Standards for Submission for Digital Plats, Master Plans and Other Documents

  • State Plane NAD 83 Texas South Central Zone 4204, in feet
  • Minimum three coordinate points for georeferencing
  • All parcel information must be converted to Autocad DXF files
  • All like information should be provided in one layer, e.g. all lot lines should be in the same layer called “lotlines” or other descriptive name
  • No three dimensional objects
  • Data to be provided on a CD or DVD, or electronically by email or ftp site. Large files may be compressed
  • One text style to be used; style to be named Standard
  • Street Names to be in all capital letters
  • No blocks or xrefs may be attached to the file to eliminate imbedded files. Detach COGO files and other survey files and submit to NBU only
  • All submissions must be to scale