Pre-Trial Hearing

Pre-Trial Hearing for Not Guilty Pleas

All individuals who plead Not Guilty, are required to attend a pre-trial hearing, a discovery docket and the trial.

At the pre-trial hearing, you will meet with the prosecutor and the judge who may explain various sentencing options including deferred disposition and driving safety course (DSC).

At the discovery docket you will meet with the prosecutor to review all documents, items, and information regarding your case, that is in the State's possession.

You do not have to explain your side to the prosecutor if you do not want to, as you have the right to remain silent and not say anything at all. If you do choose to speak to the prosecutor, anything that you may say, may be used against you. In addition, you do not have to accept a plea bargain if one is offered, as you still have a right to a trial. If you agree to a plea bargain, be prepared to pay court cost and a special expense fee at the time of your hearing. 

If you need to request for a continuance to have your case re-set to another date, you must put the request in writing stating the reason for the continuance and mail, e-mail or deliver your request in person to the court. The request will be submitted to the judge to determine if your continuance will be granted.
You must submit your request to the court two days before your scheduled date.
Failure to appear at the pre-trial conference may result in a failure to appear charge being filed against you and warrants for your arrest being issued.